Don’t always wait for human pancreatic islet samples. EndoC-βH5 is a flexible solution of human beta cells that can be used at any time.

See here an illustration of the use of EndoC-βH5® cells from thawing to functional assay (e.g. glucose stimulated insulin secretion, GSIS).


EndoC-βH5® cells are fully mature human pancreatic beta cells that exhibit characteritics of  native beta cell (i.e. dose dependent glucose stimulated insulin secretion, dose dependent insulin secretion upon GLP1R and GIPR agonists, elevated total insulin content, expression of mature beta cell markers).

More than an alternative solution, Human Cell Design team has worked for years to address the limitations and simplify the work of the Diabetes research community that uses primary islets with: 

  • Thaw and go solution
  • Batch to Batch reproducibility
  • Unlimited quantity
  • Modeling

EndoC-βH5® are available as reproducible and validated frozen batches and represent a unique and powerful tool for drug discovery, preclinical modeling and fundamental research using human pancreatic beta cells.





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