Human Cell Design’s scientists participated in the European Incretin Study Group meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland

The European Incretin Study Group evolved from the European Club for the Study of GLP-1. It was established in 2014 in response to a growing desire from basic scientists and clinical researchers to have a specialist forum for those interested in all aspects of incretin and related hormones. The goal of the Study Group is to bring together researchers in academia, hospitals and industry to exchange data and expertise in order to advance the understanding of the physiology of incretin and related hormones and their role in the pathogenesis and treatment of metabolic and other diseases.  The overall aim of the European Incretin Study Group is to extend our understanding of the broader incretin field and to disseminate relevant information to the wider scientific community.

A poster was presented entitled “Endoc-βH5 human beta cells: a unique thaw and go model for accelerating incretin discovery and development”.


See the poster


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