Revolutionize your Autoimmune-mediated T1D Research: HLA-A2 βH5® Cell Line

Open new avenue using a unique clinically relevant cell model. HLA-A2 EndoC-βH5® is a new human pancreatic beta cell line that has been specifically designed to recapitulate pathological Beta Cell killing and Dysfunction observed in autoimmune Type 1 Diabetes patients.

HLA-A2 EndoC-β
H5® cell line offers you:

  • Robustness: A stable model from early to pre-clinical stages of your drug discovery and development process
  • Clinical relevance: Recapitulate the attack on HLA-A*02 positive human functional beta cells by CD8+ cytotoxic T cells
  • Immediate availability: Order now and start your assay without delay
  • No time wasting: A ready-to-use model; thaw and implement your assay at D+1

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