Bruno Blanchi, PhD, and Miguel Sáinz Jaspeado, PhD, have presented last highlights on new physiological Type 1 and 2 diabetes assays using human cell design Endoc-BH cells and Mercodia Elisa expertise.
Thursday, November 02, 2023

Human Cell Design has been really delighted to partner with Mercodia having the opportunity to introduce join work on T1D and T2D assay development during the November 2nd live webinar. Our speakers Bruno Blanchi, PhD (Chief Scientific Officer, Human Cell Design), and Miguel Sáinz Jaspeado, PhD (Scientific Affairs Manager, Mercodia), were pleased to discuss existing models. They introduced solutions developed for providing the industrial and academic community with innovative approach to better model Auto immune diabetes and Glucolipotoxicity-mediated type 2 diabetes.


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